Network monitoring products can range from simple traffic monitoring to comprehensive, full-featured solutions that offer deeper insight into what’s happening at the network level. Here’s what several enterprise-level network monitoring solutions have to offer in terms of features.


At a high level, the features that you’ll find in on-premises network monitoring solutions are the same as in their cloud-based counterparts. In fact, many of the SaaS network monitoring services started out as on-prem products. One example is the Kaseya Traverse offering, which has been ported to a cloud solution from a traditional, in-house product. As time goes on, other on-premises monitoring solutions will be ported to a cloud version, with both private and hybrid options.

At the moment, you’ll see that there is a good mix of all three options, on-prem only, cloud only and vendors that offer both deployment options. The companies featured below are a mix of network (element) monitoring solutions and network (services) monitoring solutions; the distinction is minor, but it really comes down to the focus. The overall best solutions at an enterprise level are the ones that do both well. Furthermore, this feature comparison is specific to network monitoring (network elements), and does not take into account for monitoring applications and services that use the network.

2017 Network Monitoring Solutions: Comparison Matrix

Below, you’ll find a matrix of network monitoring solutions and the features each of them offers. Learn more about network monitoring solutions from CA Technologies, Kaseya, LogicMonitor, Monitis, Netscout, OpsView, Paessler, SolarWinds and Uptrends.